At ATFW, we believe in consistent training for our staff to be future leaders. Career development with us comes with continued training programs, a conducive atmosphere for personal and professional growth and extensive scope of work to develop your skills.

Training & Development

At ATFW we provide you with the opportunity to work on complex legal matters arising from our multi practice areas. You will receive legal education from Senior Partners and will be ensured continued development in all areas of practices.

Teamwork & Leadership

We believe in teamwork and allowing you to develop your skills to be future leaders of ATFW.

Resources & Support

At ATFW we have a library with a comprehensive collection of Commonwealth and Local law books. Along with this we have extensive research materials on hand. On support from staff, we have a framework of secretarial services, court & authorities runners, dispatch service including paralegals


At ATFW we offer competitive remuneration packages in relation to qualifications, experience and professionalism. This includes salaries, bonuses, ex-gratia bonuses, annual dinners, trips and training programs.

Career Path


Pupilage students are required to chamber for 9 months during which they will be rotated on different aspects of law practice. Allowances range from RM2,500 to RM3,000 depending on applicants’ qualifications.


For Associates of high caliber, they will be promoted to Senior Associates with a faster career track. Fresh graduates start with a total remuneration of RM4,000 and will be fast – tracked depending on performances.

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